Cosmic Expansion

Aurantia’s Cosmic Expansion (BRI d 22)

♥ Oliver ♥

born 21 december 2013

Punatabby uros/Rödtabby hane/Red classic tabby male

Lives in Oulu

_MG_5412 rät rajattu pic

_MG_4854 rajattu pic



_MG_4405 rajattu täyt vaal pic


Tampere international cat show 11 may 2014:

Type:                         “Short cobby type, strong massive powerful”
Head:                         “Excellent broad with short muzzle and nose”
Eyes:                          “Open, large, excellent shape”
Ears:                          “Small”
Coat:                          “Beautiful in the pattern and colour”
Tail:                            “Short”
Condition:                  “Excellent”
Overall impression:  “Excellent show presentation”
Judgement:               “Excellent 1 with pleasure”

_MG_2749 rajattu täyt vaal pic

_MG_2741 rajattu pic

_MG_2688 rajattu pic

_MG_1644 rajattu täyt vaal pic


_MG_1630 rajattu täyt vaal pic

Show results:

Kempele 4.7.2015 – CAC (open class)

Kempele 5.7.2014 – Ex1 (kittens 4-7 months) + NOM

Tampere 11.5.2014 – Ex1 (kittens 4-7 months)


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